B1-90 B1-180 Hydraulic glass door hinge soft close shower door hinge

Short Description:

  • Code: B1
  • Name: Hydraulic glass door hinge
  • Door weight: 60kgs (use 2hinges)
  • Width: 1000mm
  • Glass Thickness: 8~14mm
  • Max. opening angle: 95°
  • 90° Hold open: NHO/HO optional
  • Finish: SSS,PSS,Gold, Black matte
  • 1 (1)90°can stop the door (optional)

    1 (2)Less than 85° can automatically close the door slowly

    1 (3)Two speeds adjustable

    1 (4)Easy to install

    1 (5)Super durable



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    Hydraulic self closing glass door hinge on pool gate

    Product Parameters

    ltems Technical data
    Product  dimension B1-180 150×110×26mm
    B1-90  82×110×26mm
    Stroke 95°  double  action
    Closing force 4~8N.m
    Working temperature -5 ~45
    Salt Spray Test SUS304>96hours
    Lifespan 50,000cycles
    Maximum door weight 60kg
    Maximum door height 2200mm
    Maximum door width 1000mm
    Door thickness 8-14mm
    Applicable places Hotels,restaurants,officebuildings,shoppingmalls,stores,bathrooms,etc.

    The hinge integrates the automatic soft close function into the glass door hinge, doesn't need any additional floor-mounted or top-mounted door closer device.
    Durable and super corrosion-resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
    1.GlassThickness Range:5/16"to9/16"(8to14mm)
    2.Material: SS304 or SS316
    3.Hinge Swings: 95ºInwards and Outwards
    4.Closing function: Automatic closing from 85ºto0º
    5.Special Feature: Holds Open at 90º(optional); Closing and latching speed adjustable.
    6.Cut-Out Required

    hydraulic glass door hinge can be used for frameless glass doors in commercial places, shower doors, or swimming pool fencing gates.
    function of hydraulic glass door hinge, hydraulic shower hinges. double actions.
    hydraulic hinge flag shape has durable life and stable performance.

    Product Model Selection

    Model No. Type Optional features Applicable door specifications/types Remark
    Finish Material Hold open Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Application
    B1-90S Glass to Wall SSS 口SUS304口SUS316 口Hold open口Non Hold open (Default is hold open) ≤60 ≤2200 ≤1000 8~14 Frameless tempered glass door 1 x Spring       1 x Hydraulic
    B1-90M PSS
    B1-180S Glass to Glass SSS
    B1-180M PSS

    Hydraulic glass door hinge glass-mounted

    The Hydraulic Shower Door Hinge is the ideal solution for Villa Shower Doors and Villa Projects.
    The Hydraulic Shower Door Hinge is the ideal solution for Villa Shower Doors and Villa Projects for better soft closing experience.
    hydraulic glass door hinge offers a silent and smooth opening and closing action

    Hydraulic glass door hinge glass-mounted

    hydraulic glass door hinge ensuring a comfortable experience
    The design of hydraulic shower door hinge Its sturdy construction ensures longevity
    Hydraulic shower door hinge,making it a perfect choice for your Villa project.


    1.Closing speed adjustable.
    2.Easy installation—The installation method is same as normal glass hinge, no more labor.
    3. Excellent durability Reasonable structure and excellent abrasion resistance, lifespan above 50,000cycles.
    4.Made by suS304 or Sus316 stainless steel, rust resisting.

    Made by SS304 or SS316 Reliable sealing and anti-corrosion
    Combining Pentagon’s advanced engineering capability and extensive experience developing superior hydraulic products, the hydraulic glass hinge delivers the ultimate in functionality, versatility and durability. speed easily adjustable

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