Hydraulic door closer hinge

The hydraulic door closer hinge series is designed to replace door closers in residential interior applications, our hinges bring the benefits of hydraulic technology to interior doors. So, home doors, hotel doors, hidden doors, and arch top doors can experience the smooth and gentle closing provided by hydraulic functionality. We have carbon steel hydraulic hinge, SS304 hydraulic hinge, and aluminum alloy hydraulic hinge. Available in both butt hinge and flag hinge.  Preserve the sleek design and enhance the user experience with our hydraulic door closer hinges.

At Ningbo Pentagon, we understand that every project has unique requirements. That's why we offer a diverse range of types and models within our Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge Series. Whether you need a specific size, style, or load-bearing capacity, we have the right hinge to cater to your demands. Our comprehensive selection ensures that you can find the perfect fit for any residential or commercial interior door application.

Uncompromising Quality: When it comes to door hardware, quality is paramount. At Ningbo Pentagon, we prioritize quality in every aspect of our hydraulic door closer hinges. From the selection of premium materials to the precision manufacturing processes, we adhere to stringent quality control measures to ensure the durability, reliability, and long-lasting performance of our hinges.
  • A hydraulic door closer is a device that helps keep a door closed, reducing the risk of accidental contact and ensuring security. Hydraulic door closers use fluid mechanics to provide a gentle, controlled closure that prevents slamming.

    Easy installation Stainless steel hydraulic hinges auto close hinge

    Installation of M2 hydraulic door hinge Performance and introduction of M2 Items Technical data Dimension 168x100x26x3.2mm Maximum opening angle 180° single direction, left or right open Material High quality carbon steel, SUS304 or Aviation aluminium Finish Carbon steel: Lacquer coating, SUS304: BSS Aviation aluminium: Anodized Closing force 7.5 ~ 15N.m Lifespan 100,000cycles Maximum door weight ≤80kg Maximum door height ≤2400mm Maximum door width ≤1200mm Door th...
  • The Jamb Mounted Hydraulic Door Hinge provides a slim, lightweight cylinder design ideal for high-traffic areas. It features a heavy-duty cast aluminum and SS304 body and comes standard with a backcheck function to prevent damage to the door and hardware.

    Invisible hydraulic door hinge concealed built-in door hinge jamb-mounted hinge

    1. Main material : Aviation aluminum and SUS304 2. Maximum open angle: 1150 3. Fast closing area: 80°~40° 4. Latching: 8~0°(optional) 5. Door stay open area: 80°~110°(optional) 6. Closing force: 6 ~18 N.m ( 6N.m per single functional hinge) 7. Applicable temperature range: -5℃—45℃ 8. Lifespan: ≥100,000cycles Model No. Configuration Applicable door specifications / types Optional features Door Weight(kg) Door Height(mm) Door Width (mm) Door Thickness (mm) Latching Hold open Fini...
  • The Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge is a specially designed hinge with built-in hydraulic dampers that slowly close the door after it has been opened. This type of hinge is perfect for residential and commercial applications, as it ensures that the door will close securely and quietly without slamming shut. The hinge is adjustable and easy to install, and it can be used in either left or right-handed doors. With the Hydraulic Door Closer Hinge, you can have peace of mind that your door will stay securely closed.

    Hydraulic door closer hinge prevent door slams and finger pinch, universal type

    1 (4)Original separate design of hydraulic And spring,easier to adjust

    1 (3)Independent hydraulic design Good damping effect More safe against wind

    1 (2)The stay open angle upto180° Automatic soft close below80°

    1 (1)Original torsion spring design Durable and reliable

    1 (5)Invention patent structure, Reduce 99% risk of oil leakage

  • This hydraulic door hinge is designed with a flag-shaped profile, providing smooth and quiet operation for residential and commercial doors. Its high-quality construction ensures reliable performance and long-lasting durability.

    Easy installation hydraulic door closer hinges auto close hinge

    Installation of M2 hydraulic door hinge Performance and introduction of M2 1.This product is used in combination with hydraulic hinge and spring hinge, and there are left and right when installing. 2. With automatic door closing, three-stage speed and speed can be adjusted, the closing effect is slow and soft Quiet, safe and anti-pinch. 3. The maximum opening angle is 180° in one direction; if it is less than 80°, the door can be automatically closed. Free door stop angle: 80°-180°; Quick c...